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About Language Reports

The Koders Language Reports are generated each month from the previous month's search data.

Top Searches
Top Searches are the most popular search words and phrases for each programming language.

Top Solutions
The Solution Map is a heatmap that displays search terms directly linked to the most download files associated with those terms. Darker boxes indicate a higher correlation of searches to particular files. In other words, when multiple developers, searching for the same thing, identify the same file as useful, that Solution Map entry's score goes up.

Top Projects
Projects are ranked by the number of code downloads developers have made from each project.

Koders Delphi Report

Top Delphi Searches

1. delphi11. server
2. database12. hook
3. pos13. socket
4. proxy14. parser
5. download15. ftp
6. crc3216. xml
7. thread17. tfile
8. md518. network
9. zip19. password
10. algorithm20. opengl

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